Under The Sea Kiddie Cape


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-High End Metal Snaps



-Made from Fibercore Nylon with waterproof Technology

This adorable, youth-sized, beauty salon Kiddie Styling Cape is perfect for both boys and girls. The lightweight, high-quality nylon material that it is made from will keep smaller clients dry and comfortable while having their hair shampooed, cut and styled. Alleviating the sensation of being wet, itchy and scratchy from having their hair cut will also allow children to enjoy their grooming experience and take in the wonderful experience that comes with being styled. A little touch of including kid-oriented, inviting products will create a positive effect on children and their parents. When children are content, their parents are satisfied.


Brought to you by Lucas Beauty supply, this kiddie cape is bright, fun and functional. Kids can be intimidated when going through the process of having their hair styled. This kiddie cape is the perfect comfort-blanket aid to make them feel special and secure while at the beauty salon. A child’s reason for deriving enjoyment from an experience, and therefore wanting to repeat it, is rarely the end result of a product or service but rather the noticeable “fun” aspects provided specifically to them as valued clients during the experience. Kids embrace experiences that are kid-specific.


Beauty salon apparel and capes must always be lightweight, fasten or secure easily, and be functionally water resistant. This kiddie cape is an ideal product for all of these reasons and more. The enjoyable design of the cape makes it as entertaining and enjoyable for the child as it is useful for the stylist. When a product combines design elements like unique look, high-quality materials and convenience of use, it results in a superior product. Products that are mindful of functionality but that can be aesthetically pleasing are always preferential in the beauty industry.


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