Sanek Neck Strip Case Refills 12 Packs/Box



Delicate, adaptable and solid styling strips hold up under dampness. They are a salon supply you require for each trim and color. From the wash station to the hair stylist seat, wholesale styling strips are the prudent approach to give a customer security. You can keep your hairstyling strips clean with a pop-up neck strip dispenser. Client solace is constantly key and these are a great addition to any coloring regime. Ultra absorbent stylist neck strips stop the dribbles. Neck strips are the efficient approach to soak up moistness from items and sweat.
They give a hygienic layer of security between the neck and hairdresser cape. They also shield your customer from stray hairs that fall amid the trim. Hairdresser strips are the prudent alternative for hairstyling salon assurance. They cost less to use than conventional towels. Numerous states obligate stylists to utilize neck strips for customer insurance. Pick the disposable, markdown neck strips that give the quality of a towel with the light weight and non-abrasiveness of a tissue. Neck strips secure the customer amid the trim from dampness and stray hairs. They are made of exceptional material that extends to fit a mixture of neck sizes.
– Lightweight material is soft for client comfort
– Adequately sized to fit a wide range of customers
– Disposable making them easy to use
– Simple to use
– Save on cleanup
– Save on laundering costs
These sanitary, disposable strips lend to a whole new era of hair coloring and barbering ease. They can be used by a salon or for an individual looking for a little more protection against mess. When you are at the local beauty supply grab yourself a pack, you would not regret it!

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