SALON CLIENT GOWN, Soft Crinkle Nylon, 1 Button, Waist Belt




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Beauty supply products such as client gowns, are important when it comes to protecting client gowns from coming into contact with chemicals and sprays. The length is suitable for a full body protection as the client is covered. The sleeves are three quarter length ensuring that they are protective and at the same time comfortable. The neckline is cut low to ensure that it does not cling to the neckline and it allows for easy wear.

Features of the Kimon Style Client Gown

– It is made from a soft crinkle nylon.
– Has one button.
– Has a waist belt.
– Comes in different sizes. There are small/medium and large/ X-large.
– Comes in colour black.

Benefits of the Kimon Style Client Gown

– Easy to clean due to the crinkle nylon.
– It is easy to fasten with just one button and a belt.
– They are flexible as sizes are easy to pick from.
– They are affordable as you can make more purchases at lower rates with discounted rates.
– The belt is attached to the gown so it is easy to hold and you cannot lose it easily unless it is detached.
– The gown is knee length ensuring that it covers majority of the clients clothing when in a sited position.

The Kimon style client gown is a protective gear used in salons to keep clients clean and comfortable. Not only is it made of durable material but it is also functional and beautiful. It is therefore important for beauty salons to purchase quality client gowns.

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