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When working in beauty salons, particular cautions must be made for both sanitary and health reasons. You are dealing with people of all ages, genders, races with various hygienic habits. These people are interested in various treatments for their hair, some one which include harsh chemicals with detrimental health effects if the proper safety cautions are not taken. Hair dye has tons of toxic and harsh chemicals in their recipe that certain get the job done but can be harmful if exposed to the eyes and nose. The same goes for bleaching applications as well.

That being said, proper protection is imperative in a beauty salon and plenty of gear is available online for purchase. All of which is relatively affordable.

Safety goggles are one of the many important pieces of safety gear to consider purchasing. Just like in science class back in school, when dealing with harsh chemicals that could trigger a chemical reaction, it’s best to be prepared for anything to happen. Otherwise the results may be drastically irreversible. For you and your client, it’s important to wear a pear of safety goggles to prevent any eye damage.

Fog resistant vent safety goggles are some of the most viable goggles to choose from and are highly recommended by hair stylists all over.

-Fog Proof
-Exceed ANSI X87.1

-Protect eyes from chemicals
-Maintain a clean styling environment
-Includes ventilation to prevent eyes from drying out

Goggles, combined with gloves, and a trusty apron, will ensure cleanliness in your work area while preventing the harmful chemicals from damaging you, other stylists, or the clientele. By choosing fog proof safety items, it’s significantly easier to deal with any chemical reactions or steam in the work area when dying/bleaching the client’s hair.

All of these items are available online at various science lab safety sites and specific beauty supply stores.

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