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Mar-V-Cide disinfectant is your one-stop disinfectant for all different kinds of uses from the nursing home to your local salon supply. Whether you are in the hospital or barber, Mar-V-Cide will provide you with the disinfecting power you need to keep yourself (and your patrons) safe. There are a variety of different uses both commercial and personal for this powerful product. It is of particular usefulness when cleaning up bodily fluids or materials that have been soiled in blood in a professional health setting. The non-porous cleaning power will prevent the contaminants from spreading.
The best part of this powerful disinfectant is that using it is a breeze. The power of this product allows you to make a generous solution with only a minimum of the product. Specifically, one tablespoon of Mar-V-Cide to one quart of water. The powerful effects of this chemical allow you to use only a modicum of this product; there is no reason that your disinfectant would not serve you for a number of years to come. While Mar-V-Cide works wonders on bodily fluids that have soiled your place of work, it is not limited to professional work settings. It is more than powerful enough to get the job done at the office, the sink, the TV, or the kitchen.
One of the underrated aspects of Mar-V-Cide is that it is more than a disinfectant. Thus powerful mixture also has properties of a fungicide, germicide, and virucide. When applied properly there is little chance of contamination. One place that this is often overlooked is in salon settings. With the ever-present threat of a pandemic, it is nice to know that your place of work is not going to be ground zero. Quite simply stated: if there was an impending zombie apocalypse, those who used Mar-V-Cide disinfectant for salon supply, medical, and personal use would start the next incarnation of the human race.

Important Information:

This is 1/2 Gallon of concentrate. 2 oz. Mar-V-Cide Concentrate to 1 gallon of tap water for Hospital/Salon Disinfectant

(note: Barbicide requires 8 oz. of Barbicide Concentrate to 1 gallon of tap water).

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