Disinfectant Comb Jar, 42 Ounce, Glass, 3-3/8″ Wide


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We are in the business of bringing you great salon supplies and beauty supply needs of every type. And your needs will always be met with great service, as we want your satisfied with your product or products every time you make a purchase. Sometimes those supplies may include something that is used just to store your items in order to keep them neat and easy to find. These items include things like our Disinfectant Comb Jar. This is more than just a place to store your combs and keep them in one location. It also keep them disinfected so you can reuse them instead of wasting them. And it gives them a fresh smell so every time you take one out you know you are getting a clean comb.

The Disinfectant Comb Jar features;

* 42 ounce glass jar.
* 3-3/8 inch rubber bottom.
* Cleans and lubricates the combs.
* Fungicidal & tuberculocial action.
* Can be used with many antibacterial disinfectants.

And the benefits of using the Disinfectant Jar include;

* Provides a fresh and pleasing fragrance to the combs inside it.
* Contains a rust inhibitor.
* Stores your combs easily in one location.
* The glass jar is a more professional look for your salon.
* Easy to clean and refill as needed.

When customers buy this disinfectant glass jar they also buy some of the disinfectant to go with it, so they have all the ingredients needed to provide a healthy salon. We know what it means to run a great barber shop, beauty salon, or any combination of the two. We specialize in having in stock and on hand those items that will make your job easy, every time you open the door. We have many more salon supplies, and are sure to be your choice for beauty supply each and every time.

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