DELUXE CHEM CAPE, All-Purpose Coated Nylon Cape, 54 x 58


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– Made of coated nylon

– Chemical, and color resistant
– 54 x 58 inches
– Adjustable neck snaps
– Machine washable
– Keeps customers safe from harsh chemicals
– Reusable


No customer wants to leave a beauty salon with stained or ruined clothing, or even so much as a hair dye spot on a noticeable patch of skin. Incidents like these can be the proverbial nail in the coffin of any salon. Whether they are applying hair relaxer or hair dye, salon professionals know how important it is to keep their customers safe and clean. Stylists can confidently drape their customers in this chemical-resistant cape knowing that any spills or misses will never seep through the fabric and onto the customer.

Made of specially coated nylon to keep all messes topside, this cape will protect customers from start to finish during even the longest of salon processes. Toxic liquids like hair dye, bleach, and even alkali-based relaxers will stay right where they belong, on the outside of the chemically resistant fabric. The cape is purposely over-sized, and is big enough to drape protectively all around even the tallest or largest of customers. Button snaps make the neck adjustable and will keep the cape securely in place until it is time to remove it for the big reveal.

Although the cape can be spot cleaned or wiped with a cloth, a more thorough clean is necessary on a regular basis. This cape is also machine washable, which is important for avoiding build up of harsh and nasty chemicals. Simply wash in the gentle cycle and dry on low, and the cape will be clean and ready for the next customer. Customers will be thankful knowing that this high-quality, chemical-resistant beauty supply product kept them protected and clean during their salon visit.

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