Biotone revitalizing massage oil, 1 Gallon


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Biotone oil is among the best beauty products for relaxing the skin. The massage product has qualities that are perfect for relaxing worked out muscles. Any trigger points that are also feeling uncomfortable can be solved by biotone. The lotion is not only unique, but it is not sticky meaning it never drags on your skin.

Its key Ingredients are

1. Almond Oil
2. Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil
3. Aloe Vera Oil, and Vitamin E

Other Ingredients

– Pecan Oil
– Canola OiPurified Water
– Coconut Oil Ester
– Vegetable Derived Emulsifying Wax

The above ingredients work together to improve your skin. It can never get any better! All of these components make sure your skin is hydrated and really soft. In case you injure your skin, use biotone and you will be surprised at how your skin will heal.

Qualities & Properties

– Minimum Glide
– Optimal friction
– Complete Absorb-ability.
– Shelf Life of up to 18 Months
– Unscented
– No greasy residue after use
– Paraben-Free
– Oil Compatible

Biotone beauty supply is ideal for very mean skin procedures. Deep tissue treating is even best with this massage oil. If you are feeling tired due to a game or a workout, this is the solution. For those who regularly go for physical therapy just try biotone beauty supply. That is not all; reflexology needs a lotion that will not drag that makes biotone super ideal. Other skin care techniques that need this oil include chiropractic, fascial Kinetics and aromatherapy.

Now you know how to enjoy maximum skin care no matter your reason for treatment. Muscles do not have to hurt, biotone, beauty supply has more glide than any lotion. That means the absorption is really good and the friction is ideal for relaxation. Remember, the mentioned features allow the lotions to last long enough with constant reapplying. Be warned, the lotion always works perfectly!

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