Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream, 1 Gallon


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Biotone Duel Purpose Massage Cream is a great addition to any beautician’s and massage therapist’s beauty supply. With excellent texture and absorbency, no other massage cream can match the potential of Biotone Duel Purpose Massage Cream. One Gallon of quality in a tub is guaranteed for anyone who chooses to by Biotone.

Features and benefits
– One Gallon massage cream
– Contains Arnica extract
– Highly absorbent
– Suitable for any part of the body
– Non-greasy
– Eases bruises
– Stimulates circulation
– Helps heal bruises, sprains, and possibly burns because of the Arnica extract
– Leaves skin soft and subtle
– Doesn’t clump or harden
– Is textured like an oil/lotion mix

With countless features, what beautician or massage therapist wouldn’t want Biotone Massage Cream? It’s consistency feels like lotion and oil: soft, smooth, and easy to apply, but it’s 100% non-greasy, and will quickly absorb into any type of skin. The Biotone Duel Purpose Massage Cream is easy to work around skin and doesn’t clump or harden. Biotone can be used on any part of the body, feet, back, hands, and even facial skin (It has on-comedogenic properties), so it can be used to massage a person’s entire body.
Biotone contains Arnica extract. Arnica has been used as a medicine since the early 1500’s, and is still used often in the medical field today. It’s helpful in treating bruises, sprains, wounds, aching muscles, and in some cases, even burns. Arnica in Biotone helps blood circulation, and also helps to ease bruises. The aftermath of using Biotone Duel Purpose Massage cream is soft, subtle skin that doesn’t have a lingering greasy feel. If a beautician or a massage therapist needs a top-quality lotion with many benefits and multiple uses, they need to add Biotone Duel Purpose Massage Cream into their beauty supply.

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