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Glove-Foil Sheets-Hair Coloring

Salon Foil Sheets (500)Hair foil sheets/box-salon pop up foil
Salon Foil Sheets (500)Hair foil sheets/box-salon pop up foil
Salon Foil Sheets (500)Hair foil sheets/box-salon pop up foil
  • Model: 6115

Price:   $11.95

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Details: Have you ever had trouble using salon foil sheets you purchased from the beauty supply store? It's always been a guessing game as to when your color has progressed to where you want it to be... until now! Graham Sanek See-Thru Foil has ended your worries when it comes to color readiness. Now instead of having to unwrap and re-wrap your foil you can just glance at the clear strip in the middle of these well made foil sheets and see the color progress as it happens. No more guessing games, repeated re-wrapping and possible color bleeds during your coloring.

- Comes in small boxes (35 count sheets) or bulk rolls (200 foot) to suit your needs
- Professional grade foil assures that you're getting the highest quality product.
- Textured materials prevent from typical slipping
- See through strip allows colorist to check on progress easily and at a glance

- May be alternately used with regular foil
- Great for all over color OR highlighting
- Large size allows for use with both small and large hair chunks
- Durable design allows for ease of use on your own hair or a clients
- Time saving foil for both client and colorist

Sanek See Through Strips eliminate the need for constant checking on hair progress and save valuable time by taking potentially hour long sessions and cutting them in half. The ability to use them in both large AND small projects is a blessing in itself and the durable design makes them easy to use. Great for three-dimensional highlights, low lights, all over color, multi tone highlights and more so next time you're at your local beauty supply or find yourself in the market for some new salon foil sheets be sure to ask for Graham Sanek See-Thru Foil.

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