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Beauty and Salon Supplies Ratings 4.8 stars based on 239 reviews

Lucas Beauty offers the essentials for massage and spa products. Everyone loves going to the spa and getting a massage, but the massage therapists who work hard for the client are the ones who we strive to build relationships with. In the early 1990s we decided that the we wanted to reach out to the massage community and be a place of consistency from owners of large spas, to the masseuse and masseur that have a small boutique. One of the interesting things we noticed about the industry is that one of the main suppliers at the time sold their products for a much higher price than we believed was fair.

As Lucas Beauty grew we built relationships with the leading manufactures and decided to start selling massage and spa products at discounted prices just like we had been doing for years with the beauty supply industry. We are proud to carry Biotone Massage Lotion and Biotone Massage Oil. Their brand is recognized all over the world and are a quality and luxurious line to use for any clients needs. We sell a variety of accessories and sheets for your massage table. We have many long term clients who express the difficulty of finding quality items over the internet. As we guarantee every purchase you can always be safe assured your order will arrive and be of the upmost quality, that is backed by our name. We are proud to be your source for massage and spa products.

Product Reviews:

Beauty and Salon Supplies Ratings

I love using Biotone dual purpose massage cream when I work on my clients. I've really enjoyed the free shipping and low price on this product.

Beauty and Salon Supplies Ratings

The table paper is a very good deal, LB.com has been my go to place for that kind of stuff. The reward points are a nice touch too, thanks LB!