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Beauty and Salon Supplies Ratings 4.8 stars based on 239 reviews

Lucas Beauty is your answer to your nail supply questions - Where can I find a go to place? Who has the essentials I need? Who will ship my order the next day? There are many places that sell Nail Supplies, but Lucas Beauty strives to listen to it's customers and is always adding new products that are in style. If this is your first time arriving to our site, pleas know that we truly care about each shoppers experience. We have customer service that will help you through your order and be able to accommodate any questions.

Nail Salons seem as if they are on every corner, but we understand that each one is unique and has its own goals. We want to help reach your goals with our incredible prices and quality of our products. Sometimes it's a hindrance to walk through a beauty store with a list of small items you would need for your manicure and pedicure sessions. At Lucas Beauty you will find sanding blocks, nail cups, nail pads, and many other nail supply items. Some of the larger companies in the Nation have been ordering these small items from us and we are pleased to offer them at our discounted prices. Be sure to check out our acetone and non-acetone remover. We hope you enjoy your experience shopping our online Nail Supply.

Product Reviews:

Beauty and Salon Supplies Ratings

When I purchased the Manicure towels, I was excited to see the quality, I only bought one the first order, but I ended up loving them and bought quite a few a week later.

Beauty and Salon Supplies Ratings

I was impressed after purchasing the Chastity manicure Lotion. I've used a few others but the value was just too good to pass up. I like the smell, its not too strong like others I've bought.